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Founder/Singer/Songwriter of On Tracy Lane, Darryn Yates, was in a very difficult spot in March of 2019. He had just been fired from the corporate world AGAIN, his wife was pregnant with their 3rd child, and he was experiencing constant lower back pain as a bulging & herniated disc was hitting his sciatic nerve. He had promised his wife he would NOT lose that job as they needed it for the supplemental insurance to help with the upcoming baby/hospital bills. 

Embarrassed and ashamed, Darryn pretended he was going to work for about a week and parked in a church parking lot near their IL suburban home in the St. Louis area. He was beyond frustrated; Darryn knew he was approaching borderline depression.

He refused to keep going in that direction; Darryn knew he had to figure something out for his family. He also needed to figure out a way to save himself and be happy. Darryn soul-searched with an intensity and an emotion he had never quite experienced before. He studied, researched, and had nearly filled up an entire notebook with hand-written notes & ideas. 

As he was bouncing back, he promised himself he would never again work a job that had NOTHING to do with his heart, soul, and passion in life. Darryn had lived his dreams in Music, Radio, and Entertainment. He had experienced more than he ever imagined; however, he was never able to consistently monetize it. As he was researching businesses such as life coaching, mentoring, and internet marketing...he discovered something that was truly life-changing.

The music business had undergone a huge transformation just as he did. The opportunities for artists because of internet marketing were plentiful and he knew what he had to do. He studied, researched, and the foundation for the return of On Tracy Lane was not only set but the VERY Best Humanly Possible Version of OTL had just begun.  

Darryn will never forget how disrespected he felt when he was rudely terminated from the world of 9-5. He thanks his former lame horrible boss now because that firing was actually the foundation of the return of OTL. Darryn kept in mind how miserable 9-5 insecure bosses tried to make him feel and how atrocious they were at Loyalty, Honesty, Simple Communication, and Life Vision.

As he is also striving for the VERY BEST retro rock music & content, Darryn will have THE BEST customer service on the planet for any issue, comment or question regarding the OTL Merch site. Darryn, his wife Crystal, & their 3 kids (Tayven, Dayahna, & Zayden) WELCOME YOU to the OTL Merch site! We hope you find something you love, sign up on our email list, or just SAY HELLO. Please tell us about YOUR Story!